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About Me 

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My Story

Founded by Don A. Hampton, LMT in 2014, Healing Hands of Don started in the Northwest section of San Antonio, Texas. Don has traveled all over Southwest Texas to provide massage therapy. Don strongly believes that everyone deserves a therapeutic massage regardless of their socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, body type or political beliefs.

Wonderful 60-Minute Swedish Massage.
Wonderful stones that retain a great amount of heat.
Eva enjoys her 60-Minute Swedish Massage

Started in 1997.

While I was completing my B.S. Degree at University of Texas at San Antonio. I worked as a Nurse Technician at University Hospital. One day while I was working the Transplant ICU, one of my patients -Mr. Garza was having a great deal of pain. We gave him all his medication but nothing seem to help him. So, I told my nurse manager that I'm going to give Mr. Garza a back rub. She was shocked because in the nursing field, nurses and techs never have time to give back rubs. However, on this particular day, I had time to give Mr. Garza a back rub. I walked into Mr. Garza's room and told him that I was going to give him a back rub. He said, "Si".

After 15-minutes, I started to notice that Mr. Garza's vital signs was returning to normal ranges. He was attached to the blood pressure machine and Heart Monitor machine while I was giving him a back rub. I was utterly amazed that giving him a back rub that it help his body restore to normal healthy ranges. 

Once I finished his back rub, I tucked Mr. Garza in bed and he went to have a peaceful sleep. My nurse manager and the rest of the nursing staff was amazed. 

After Mr. Garza's back rub, I went to the Nurses' station waiting for the night shift Nurse Tech to relieve me. So, I began looking through a magazine called "RN Today" and one of the articles inside this publication was about being a massage therapist. I was in total shock mode and said to myself..."I can give people back rubs as a career - I'm doing this." I knew instantly that this was the career that I want to pursue and every since that moment massage therapy has been passion.

 More about me...

Served in the United States Air Force From 1986 to 1990

Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician

Awards: Air Force Good Conduct Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Best Unit Ribbon, National Defense Medal,  Air Force Oversea Long Tour Ribbon, and Air Force Basic Training Ribbon.

Honorably Discharged.


Served in the Texas Army National Guard from 1991 to 1999

Combat Medic

Awards: Adjunct General Ribbon.

Honorably Discharged.



Webster University 

Master of Arts Degree: Human Resources Management 

Webster University

Master of Arts Degree: Management 

Webster University

Master of Arts Degree: Human Resources Development

University of Texas at San Antonio

Bachelor of Science Degree: Health

Austin School of Massage Therapy

Diploma in Massage Therapy.

focusing on the client.

Healing Hands of Don

Traditional Hot Stone Massage

Hot Peruvian Stones will bring the heat.

Hot Peruvian Stones

100-Minute Hot Peruvian Stone  for $185

Made of Peruvian Basalt --Considered the Best for Hot Stone Massage Therapy Because it Retains Heat Better Than Any Other Stone in the World.

Hot Thai Herbal Ball Massage

100-Minute Hot Thai Herbal Ball Massage  for $225

he blend of herbs is the traditional recipe of the Wat Po temple in Bangkok. Manufactured in Chaing Mai, they are certified by the government as authentic. This special blend of herbs helps nourish, revitalize, texture and tone the skin

Hot Jade Stone Massage at Healing Hands of Don

Hot Jade Stone Massage

100-Minute Hot Jade Stone for $235

HEALING POWER OF JADE! Jade brings new meaning to Hot Stone Therapy. Revered for its ability to bring harmony and balance, jade has been used to attract love and bring money. When used for massage, Jade is a protective stone used to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the aging process and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. These stones are cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a smooth and silky feeling on the skin